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Drive Revenue in 2015 by Leveraging Existing Content

Mark Gross

Chances are, you have never considered legacy content created throughout your company as revenue-producing assets. In 2015 you should reconsider. Repurpose content assets, streamline delivery, and extend the customer base to open new revenue channels and reduce costs.

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Six Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Audit Might Be a Good Idea

Tim Bourgeois, Boston

It’s the second week of January and excitement about the new year seems to have waned. And for good reason, at least for marketing and sales executives, because that means it’s time to figure out how to meet aggressive new targets.

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CDO, CXO, XXO – The New C Suite | Winning the Lap or the Race?


The last couple of years have seen tremendous proliferation of the C-XX titles within the world of marketing. The CDOs and CXOs are probably the more common ones, the former picking up steam with some of the Fortune 500s hiring great talent to fill these roles.

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3 Tips for Formulating Your 2015 Digital Marketing Budget

It’s that time of year again – budgeting season – and defining your digital marketing budget and strategy for next year is as critical as it’s ever been. Keep in mind the following tips, and you’ll get yourself in a position to run a successful operation in 2015.

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Six Key Steps to Building a Successful Digital Business


Organizations can move further along the path by embracing the six key steps to build a successful digital enterprise and change the game.

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A New Perspective on Digital Leadership

adam bennett, australia bank

For Bennett, digital strategy is about pursuing a process that reinforces an organisation’s key values every time a customer engages with the bank using a digital platform.

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Creating a Digital Transformation Plan


Today, if a business doesn’t have a good quality, branded website you assume something is wrong. It’s suspicious, not quaint.

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