Six Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Audit Might Be a Good Idea

(Editor’s Note: the following is a summary of the full article, Six Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Audit Might Be a Good Idea, posted this week on LinkedIn.)

It’s the second week of January and excitement about the new year seems to have waned. And for good reason, at least for marketing and sales executives, because that means it’s time to figure out how to meet aggressive new targets.

As you charge into 2015, here are few reasons to consider working a digital marketing audit into your plans.

1. Your CEO Is Going To Start Asking Questions About Digital Marketing

2. You Don’t Want To Be Playing Catch-Up on This Issue

3. Objectivity Is In Short Supply

4. If You’re Not Confused, You’re Not Paying Attention

5. (Practically) Every Other Group Is Already Doing It

6. Your CFO Will Love You For It


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