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Analysts Agree: Expect Many More Chief Digital Officer Jobs In 2015

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Here is a collection of recent reports and articles compiled over the last few months, showing wide-spread agreement among analysts and industry pundits regarding the increased global demand for Chief Digital Officers, and the role’s continued viability.

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It’s an open-source world: ​78 percent of companies run open-source software

open source software

Black Duck Software, the open-source software (OSS) logistics and legal solutions provider, and North Bridge, a seed-to-growth venture capital firm, have announced the results of the ninth annual Future of Open Source Survey.

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Ad Agencies Downgraded by Pivotal Research on Rebate Concerns


The lack of transparency around agencies’ practices came into the limelight last month after a former Mediacom chief executive claimed that rebates are widespread across the advertising industry.

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Women In Technology: The Rise Of The Female CDO

Woman CDO

The Chief Digital Officer is one role where women are outpacing men by two to one, according to a FierceCIOarticle citing research by Gartner , which also notes that the number of CDOs who are women has been growing dramatically every year.

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Drive Revenue in 2015 by Leveraging Existing Content

Mark Gross

Chances are, you have never considered legacy content created throughout your company as revenue-producing assets. In 2015 you should reconsider. Repurpose content assets, streamline delivery, and extend the customer base to open new revenue channels and reduce costs.

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Chief digital officers in the telecom industry: A study in change


Although CDOs have a wide range of responsibilities, their overarching goal is essentially the same.

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How’s Your Digital Profile?


If managed well, your digital profile can play an important role in defining your personal brand, promoting corporate agendas, and helping you stand out in a crowded field.

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Times Digital Chief Search Hits a Bump

Mark Thompson CEO

On the company’s last earnings call in late October, Thompson talked about his search for new top leadership. Hiring into the top digital job at the NY Times “may be tougher than one would expect.”

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Public-sector digitization: The trillion-dollar challenge


The full benefits of digitization could be huge, but to realize them, governments need to tackle the factors that make many e-government efforts fall short of their promise.

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Digitization and Simplification: Getting the Best of Both


Companies understand that becoming agile is crucial in the digital age. They also realize that IT complexity can hinder such efforts.

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Six Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Audit Might Be a Good Idea

Tim Bourgeois Headshot

It’s the second week of January and excitement about the new year seems to have waned. And for good reason, at least for marketing and sales executives, because that means it’s time to figure out how to meet aggressive new targets.

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