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McDonald’s Showcasing Digital Chops at SXSW 2015

Atif Rafiq McDonalds CDO

How will McDonald’s help lead the next generation of customer experience?

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2014 Digital Board Director Study by Russell Reynolds


Russell Reynolds recently conducted an intensive analysis of board members at 300 large, global companies. The investigation focused on assessing the prevalence of digital directors, understanding their backgrounds, and identifying the difference between digital and non-digital directors.

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Digital and Innovation Chiefs Among Most In Demand C-Level Jobs


Korn Ferry ranks the chief innovation officer and chief digital officer posts among the top five most in-demand executive positions spanning all industries for 2015.

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Can’t Afford a Chief Digital Officer? Here’s How to Fake It.


Affordable technology is providing new ways for governments with limited resources to improve their services and engage with residents.

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Every Company Needs A Chief Digital Officer

Every Company Needs a Chief Digital Officer

It takes vision, discipline and a thorough understanding of a broad set of technologies to effect digital change. TechCrunch author, Bryce Durbin, believes that technology is rarely the main issue.

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Meet 7 Brands That Are Building the Future of Digital Retail Through Innovation Labs


More and more brands are launching innovation labs to generate bold new ideas.

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CIOs Need to Become Digital Leaders

CIO to be digital leader

Many CIOs believe they are the digital leaders of their companies, but other C-level executives do not commonly share this view.

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CDOs Replace CIOs? I’m Not Buying It


Marketing-minded chief digital officers aren’t technical enough to lead the changes that companies need to make.

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Developing a global digital strategy

Gail Horwood Johnson & Johnson

How does a global company take advantage of digital technology? Johnson & Johnson’s vice president of digital strategy, Gail Horwood, explains.

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The Market for Chief Digital Officers Heats Up

Chief Digital Officer Eve Richey | Haggar

Over the past several weeks, we’ve witnessed no fewer than seven chief digital officer (“CDO”) appointments – several at major brands around the world – as companies continue to take dramatic action to digitally-enable their companies.

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Chief Digital Officers on the rise in the Asia Pacific


“This growth is coming from mergers and acquisitions, and also from the drive for new revenue streams coming from digital business.”

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