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Why IBM Is Buying a Digital Marketing Agency

IBM has already created the world’s largest digital agency, and it's continuing to expand.

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5 Questions With Rohit Prabhakar of McKesson

Rohit Prabhakar is the Head of Digital Marketing Strategy & Marketing Technologies at McKesson, where he has been leading digital transformation efforts for three years.

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One-in-Three CDOs Bring General Management Skills to Job

According to an analysis of big company CDOs by, 32% arrived at the job having previously held roles in general management, e-business or an entrepreneurial venture.

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The Case For Chief Digital Officers in Electric Utilities

Mike Kruger makes the argument for chief digital officers in the electric utilities industry.

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5 Questions With Monu Kalsi of Zurich North America

Monu Kalsi is the Head of Digital at Zurich North America, where he oversee digital marketing and digital transformation.

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4 Ways to Reimagine Your Company’s Organization and Keep Pace in the Digital Age

It’s been more than 20 years since the Internet entered our lives, but only recently have business leaders internalized the inherent importance of digital.

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The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not only the future, it’s the present. But do today’s marketers have the skills they need to operate in a digital world?

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