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Forrester warns CDOs: Don’t expect career longevity

A report released today from research firm Forrester suggests that most firms that have not already hired a CDO are not planning to do so in the near future.

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Public-sector digitization: The trillion-dollar challenge

The full benefits of digitization could be huge, but to realize them, governments need to tackle the factors that make many e-government efforts fall short of their promise.

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5 Questions With… Ameeta Soni

Ameeta Soni is a veteran marketing executive with a unique combination of both large company and venture-backed start-up experience.

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Digitization and Simplification: Getting the Best of Both

Companies understand that becoming agile is crucial in the digital age. They also realize that IT complexity can hinder such efforts.

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Six Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Audit Might Be a Good Idea

It’s the second week of January and excitement about the new year seems to have waned. And for good reason, at least for marketing and sales executives, because that means it’s time to figure out how to meet aggressive new targets.

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5 Questions With… Scott Kirsner of Innovation Leader

Scott Kirsner is the Editor and Co-Founder at Innovation Leader, a research and information service focused on corporate innovation. He also is a columnist for the Boston Globe and Program Chair for the Nantucket Conference.

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CDO, CXO, XXO – The New C Suite | Winning the Lap or the Race?

The last couple of years have seen tremendous proliferation of the C-XX titles within the world of marketing. The CDOs and CXOs are probably the more common ones, the former picking up steam with some of the Fortune 500s hiring great talent to fill these roles.

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