The Chief Digital Officer is Here to Stay and Shaking Things Up

“I don’t know about you, but when I grew up in the ’60s the people who picked up our trash every day were called ‘garbagemen’. This descriptive (but unattractive) term evolved in the later decades to ‘sanitation worker’. Today, as they have taken on broader roles in overall maintenance, safety and even pest control, they are called ‘sanitation technicians’. A rose by any other name?

So I ask you this: Is the new role of ‘Chief Digital Officer (CDO)’ just another term for a more modern CIO or CMO, or is it truly something different? I would like to argue that in fact the growth in the application economy in which we now live and work has resulted in the need for a truly different leader, one steeped in new digital technologies, the mobile customer experience, social media, data analytics and continuous app delivery. ”


Full Story (Source: CA Technologies)

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