The CDO Should be the Optimus Prime of Your Company

“This is Not War,
This is Extinction”
Optimus Prime – Transformers Age of Extinction

There is a very high probability that you are viewing this article on your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Digital is now part of our daily life and some will say it has even made its way onto Maslow’s pyramid as a basic need! For financial services firms, that means that the customer and employee expectations are now driven by what is ‘normal’ digital experience outside the industry.

Talking to senior leadership at financial services firms, it is interesting to hear two completely opposite views on the role of a chief digital officer (CDO) and path forward on digital transformation. Whereas the board of one large organization is actively looking to hire an “outsider” for a CDO role, another large firm is looking to wean off the role because they believe digital is everyone’s responsibility. These contrasting viewpoints underscore just how divided the path to digital transformation is across the industry.

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