The concept of ‘digitization’ within business should not be new to anyone, but a surprising number of companies have been slow to update their processes. In a world evolving at a never before seen pace, the notion of ‘going digital’ is more than a buzzword for management consultants to throw around, it is a matter of urgency. And companies are beginning to understand the necessity for a Chief Digital Officer. The CDO is, in a sense, today’s Chief Technology Officer; a vital cog in the machine that so many companies have up until now, neglected.

Earlier this month, IBM appointed a CDO for the first time, in what is something of a declaration that they are a company – perhaps naturally given their product – that are committed to moving to digital. Former AOL president and former CEO of web advertising company Razorfish, Bob Lord, has been appointed by the computing giants to run its digital sales and marketing, its developer ecosystem and its digital platform. In a statement circulated to employees at the New York-based multinational, the company said the appointment will ‘accelerate and scale all aspects of IBM’s digital presence, operations and ecosystem.’

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