5 Questions With Jeremy Jethro

Jeremy Jethro is an information security consultant at CipherTechs. 


How would you describe your professional career pursuit?

I am an enthusiastic information security professional with an emphasis on penetration testing. I’ve been actively practicing offensive security since the dot-com heyday in 1999.

What have been some areas of focus in recent years? 

I have been particularly successful simulating advanced persistent attacks for customers using creative methods to penetrate enterprise networks and make way to the company’s most prized assets. A lot of attention is given to R&D time in a lab where various defensive security technologies are evaluated for weaknesses and adjusting offensive tools accordingly

Anything else we should know about you? 

I have significant professional devops experience, having sponsored, managed, and led the successful implementation of a major AWS cloud migration for a large company. As well, my AWS and Azure experience has proved beneficial when leading penetration testing against the growing number of customers that have adopted the devops mentality and related tool sets.

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