Retailers Are Putting CDO's in the Driver's Seat

Part negotiator, part digital expert and highly in demand. Get ready to learn a new acronym in the C-suite: CDO — chief digital officer.

As for what a CDO does, well, that’s still being determined. Even the name hasn’t yet fully formed.

“We’re seeing a number of titles: chief digital officer, chief revenue officer, chief customer officer,” says Kim Villeneuve, founder, president and CEO of Centerstone Executive Search. “CDO is the title that we see most.”

No matter the title, the role has significant ownership in the evolving omnichannel structure.

“This structure is debated in most companies,” says Milton Pappas, CDO of New York & Company. “In some organizations, it’s a gray area … . Sometimes omnichannel is run by a committee, but it’s also very helpful to have an owner or a driver. That can be a CDO, an SVP or a president of omnichannel, which is a CDO in a way.”

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