5 Questions With Andrea Grant of Cabela’s

Andrea Grant is the Director of Digital Marketing at Cabela’s and was recently a speaker at our CDO Dinner Series event in Denver.

How do you define ‘digital strategy’?

A marriage between business and customer needs. It is our mission to understand and reach the customer while enhancing their experience to cultivate a relationship – to build loyalty.

What kind of mobile device(s) do you have, and what are your three favorite apps?

I tried the Apple Watch – just couldn’t get used to it. Alexa is growing on me. I really dig my Ringly. but I mainly use an iPhone 6. I have far more than just 3 favorite apps. I’m on the road a lot driving back and forth between our corporate headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska and our digital innovation office in Denver, Colorado. When I make the 2.5 hr drive, I like to listen to audio books on Overdrive. When I get 10 minutes, I like to meditate with Headspace. I have an affinity for the Amazon and Starbucks app (a mom of 2 boys needs spot remover and caffeine!) and, Venmo, the payment app is such a life saver!

What do you think of the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer role?

The CDO role is a staple to any growth-focused organization. Technology, data and marketing are foundational competencies to move the business forward to meet customer expectations.

What advice do you have for aspiring digital professionals?

Growth is much more than climbing a ladder, grandiose titles, and money. Take time to reflect on your personal/professional priorities, lead with a love of learning and apply self-management skillsets. Embrace change – it’s the new “business as usual.” Navigating ambiguity and complexity with perspective and self-acceptance is just as important as performance and attitude. And advocate for yourself – if you don’t, no one else will.

What three publications – in any format – do you read regularly? ​​

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Corner Office Leadership Unleashed with Carrie Kish Podcast
  • Business Week


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