5 Myths About Digital Transformation

I spoke to more than 30 CEOs over the last 12 months about a range of topics including digital transformation. These CEOs represent midsize to large companies in financial services, consulting and IT services, retail healthcare and other industries from Australia, United States, India, United Kingdom and Japan. I wanted to know what they thought about the digital revolution sweeping the world, reinventing industries, redefining new business models and creating great opportunities for proactive businesses and individuals.

The good news is that more than 50% of CEOs believed that digital sales, digital marketing, social media and analytics will seriously impact their business and revenue in the next three years. Their understanding of what digital means varied, but almost all of them are keen to explore what it means for their customers. Ironically, CEOs of some consulting and IT firms are keen to develop a suite of digital solutions to help clients. But, appeared less enthusiastic and unclear about their own transformation agenda.

I found five common myths about digital transformation during my conversations. This post is an opinion to dispel these myths, to help improve the success of those embarking on the journey.

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