About Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital Officer is a growing community that caters to the next generation of senior professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing, technology and innovation.

Mission was created as a forum for senior for senior managers who have unique responsibilities that cut across corporate strategy, online and offline marketing, technology, and innovation — and that aren’t being addressed adequately by other forums in the marketplace, which are typically organized according to traditional, functional silos of responsibility (e.g., marketing, IT, finance).

Over the past decade, corporate investments in digital projects – spanning marketing, technology, staffing, and product development – have totaled hundreds of billions of dollars, and today account for a sizable percentage of operating costs at most organizations. In response, many companies have established a new C-level offices to manage this sprawling function: the Chief Digital Officer. And CDO magazine is the only publication in the marketplace that speaks to this new breed of senior executive.

As experienced digital practitioners ourselves, we understand the unique and evolving needs of this community, and how Chief Digital Officers don’t fit neatly into traditional organizational charts. We believe this community is in need of new thinking and a fresh voice, and that CDO magazine is well-positioned to fill that void.

CDO Solutions (“CDO”) provides event sponsorship, custom research, and advisory service solutions. Our 2014 programs are designed to deliver unique experiences where attendees can acquire new knowledge, easily interact with peers in an intimate and professional setting, and advance their careers. For sponsors, CDO’s events provide opportunities for thought leadership, brand-building, and access to new audiences. Click here to learn more about the 2014 event calendar.

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The Team
CDO is managed by a team of experienced digital professionals who have a hands-on appreciation of the complexities involving digital business, online marketing and web technology. Learn more…