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About Chief Digital Officer is a growing community of senior professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing, technology and innovation.

Founded in 2012 to foster new thinking about digital strategy, Chief Digital Officer offers a unique forum for discussion and connections. The community is managed by East Coast Catalyst, a Boston-based digital strategy consultancy.

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Over the past decade, corporate investments in digital projects – spanning marketing, technology, staffing, and product development – have totaled hundreds of billions of dollars, and today account for a sizable percentage of operating costs at most organizations. In response, many companies have established a new C-level office to manage this sprawling function: the Chief Digital Officer. And is dedicated to catering to this new breed of senior executive. Services & Solutions
We offer a suite of services to corporations around the world, in the areas of: talent acquisition, reputation management, event production, and brand-building.

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The Team
We are managed by a team of experienced digital professionals who have a hands-on appreciation of the complexities involving digital business, online marketing and web technology. Learn more…